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We invest in technological research and in superior materials
to best interpret the requests of the market, transforming them
in practical and aesthetically catchy solutions.
We design and produce street furniture products following
the principle of flexibility, to supply quickly tailor-made solutions capable of
optimizing the common spaces and improve the quality of urban life.


Ferrinox boasts over 25 years’ experience in subcontracting with a wide specialization in stainless steel processing and finishing, producing semi-finished products and components for various industrial sectors. Our company does not only fulfill orders, it also offers alternative solutions that optimize the final product. Many are the applications to be realized with different materials, dimensions and quantities; for this reason, subcontracting must guarantee flexibility and versatility, covering all steel machining operations: laser cutting, punching, shearing, bending, molding and welding, finishing and assembling.

These are the main industrial sectors we are active in:

- Domestic appliances
- Industrial gastronomy
- Food
- Refrigeration
- Coffee industry
- Civil and industrial cladding (curtain-walls)


We are a structured and competitive company on the Italian and international market with an in-house technical department whose considerable technological know-how can support the customer fully, from studying the project to carrying it out, and supply superb solution customization. Our production site extends on a 7,000m² covered area where a team consisting of 60 people works, meeting any application requirement in a very short time. Thanks to the sophisticated levels of automation of our 7 plants that process over 30 tons of steel every day, and to Lean Production principles that optimize internal resources and cut down on waste, we guarantee 24-hour service, with remote control systems and a production flexibility that allows us to supply a wide variety of processes in big quantities or unique pieces.


Our machines can process any type of metal, whatever its thickness and size. Moreover, thanks to the wide range of tools and accessories they are fitted with, they allow any product to be matched with the customer's requirements and allow us to offer quality at low cost and quickly. The innovative high-energy efficiency technology guarantees the utmost precision in any application, with very short processing times and low environmental impact. The intuitive graphic interfaces make all the machines easy to use and program, with such a level of automation as to allow continuous production, 7 days a week, thanks to remote control systems.

Subcontract Working