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15/02/17 - We open the 2017 with the new plant ferrinox s.r.l.

New Ferrinox institution covers a single area of 7000sqm where holds the know how, technological knowledge and professionalism which make it.

16/04/15 - New website online

Welcome to our new website!

Discover all our products

12/02/15 - A new image, quality as always

Robe completely new graphics and many new images: these are some of the innovations that you will discover by visiting our new website, and browsing the catalog dedicated to the Urban Design world.

You will find a rich site designed to give you detailed information on products and processes, but also the machinery and the fields of application of our dedicated to the subcontracting division. In addition, the "News" section is constantly updated on the projects and novelty of Ferrinox world.

The new catalog, however, will offer a complete overview of our applications in urban, elegant and functional style to enrich every public space.