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We invest in technological research and in superior materials to best
interpret the requests of the market, transforming them
in practical and aesthetically catchy solutions.
We design and produce street furniture products following the principle of flexibility,
to supply quickly tailor-made solutions capable of optimizing
the common spaces and improve the quality of urban life.


  The fountain model Drinky consists of a curved conic column and a base element with folding bowl. The body of the fountain is entirely made of stainless steel thickness 1,5mm. In the upper front of the column is installed a push-pull tap. On the base of the column find place a basin to be embed with grill for the collection of the water. The base is completed with a folding bowl who allow dogs to drink and an easy cleaning. Fountain is supplied with tube and fittings for the connections to the water system and drain. Versions:
  • In stainless steel AISI 304 electro polished
  • In stainless steel AISI 430 powder painted polyester
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